Welcome to the bike submissions page for the 2024 Bike Shed Moto Show. Following feedback on our previous process, this year we have tried to keep it as simple as possible - but please read everything here before you head for the form.

This year we are inviting entries in 3 categories, the definitions of which are a little different…

SHED BUILT - Built by you, for you. Sure you may have sought help with one, maybe two elements, but the blood, sweat, tears and skinned knuckles belong to you.

PRO / SEMI-PRO - Built by a Professional shop, or by someone with a relevant profession and equipment setup. Also submit here if your bike was built by you, for you, but moved through many professional hands to reach completion. 

CLASSIFIED - New for 2024. We are opening up a limited area of the show for curated classified machines. In exceptional cases, we will accept bikes from previous BSMC Shows in this area.

BRAND SPACE - Please only select Brand Space if you have already agreed a space at the show with Vikki. If you would like to enquire about a brand space please email -2024showsubmissions@bikeshedmoto.com.

Your motorcycle will need to be available for the entire show period, delivered to Tobacco Dock in Wapping on the 24th of May (before 3pm) and collected on the 26th (after 6pm). We don’t accept motorcycles that have previously exhibited at our shows (classified exemption) and all bikes need to be fully finished. We appreciate the paint may barely have dried and that first-fire may be yet to come, but all functional parts must be in place. 

If you are submitting more than one machine you will need to make multiple submissions - we can only accept one machine per form. Now, please wade in, we cannot wait to see your motorcycle(s)…